We have the ecological, planning and project management skills and experience to answer all your resource management related questions:


We have expertise in freshwater, marine and terrestrial environments. We undertake ecological monitoring, data analysis and review. We also prepare ecological assessments and reports for councils, government agencies, board of inquiry and the Environment Court.

Freshwater Ecology

  • Freshwater ecosystem monitoring (lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, rivers, streams)
  • Assessments and mitigation strategies for hydro-electric power schemes, irrigation, mining, roading and wind farm projects
  • Fish passage requirements
  • Resource surveys
  • Water quality assessments of discharges and receiving environments

Marine Ecology

  • Marine ecosystem monitoring (coastal, foreshore, offshore, ports)
  • Investigation of marine water/sediment quality
  • Impact assessments of coastal outfall and storm water/sewer discharges
  • Assessment of shellfish stocks
  • Monitoring of industrial discharges
  • Surveys of plumes and water quality
  • Identification of benthic coastal fauna and flora

Terrestrial Ecology

  • Flora and fauna surveys (avifauna, botany, herpetofauna)
  • Habitat mapping
  • Management plans

Laboratory Services

Our Dunedin-based laboratory specialises in the processing of biological samples from freshwater and marine environments. Algae, cyanobacteria (benthic and planktonic), macroinvertebrate and fish samples are regularly processed according to client requirements and Ministry for the Environment protocols. We have equipment for processing chlorophyll a, sediment as organic and/or inorganic fractions and whole effluent toxicity testing. We regularly process samples from lakes, reservoirs, rivers and treatment ponds for indicators of health. We also liaise between client and chemical laboratories for the processing of water quality samples.


We have a proven track record in environmental planning and resource management. Our planning expertise ranges from policy planning to Resource Consent processing. We prepare Assessments of Environmental Effects (AEE) reports and associated Resource Consent applications for a wide range of projects including wind farms, subdivisions and agricultural developments.

Planning and Policy Management

  • We monitor and analyse central and local government planning policy and prepare on behalf of clients, plans and policies to address national, regional and local environmental issues
  • Statutory planning and policy preparation including preparation of submissions to district, regional and central government statutory planning documents
  • Policy analysis and development, including plan change development
  • Plan administration
  • Research and planning studies
  • Report preparation and presentations for Council and Environment Court Hearings
  • Coordination of consultation forums and workshops

Resource Consent Process Management

  • Environmental Effect Assessments for Resource Consent applications
  • Process management
  • Utilities and infrastructure planning
  • Preparation of expert planning evidence for Council and Environment Court Hearings
  • Environmental risk management
  • Coordination of consultation forums and workshops, including stakeholder / affected party consultation
  • Compliance and monitoring
  • Research and planning studies

Project Management

We work with clients to plan and manage all aspects of environment related projects including:

  • Co-ordination of input from multi-disciplines; cost control; identification and quantification of risk
  • Design and imlementation of effective consultation and communication programmes for potentially affected parties, plus risk management strategies
  • Strategies that assist in minimising the risk of notifcation of projects whilst providing for effective communication between the client and potentially affected parties
  • Audit and advise on existing consultation strategies


We also prepare, manage and deliver expert evidence for Council and Environment Court hearings.

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